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Though we encourage you to use our application page to sign up as an advertiser, you may also talk to us directly by emailing us at publisher AT

IDzMedia can help you maximize your return on investment. As a leader in performance based marketing, we can bring your campaign to thousands of quality publishers that market by banner, search, contextual and offline methods. Why else should you choose IDzMedia?

Volume traffic: Our numerous affiliates bring in millions of impressions to all our listed campaigns every month. With high volumes of targeted and general traffic, your campaign will get the attention of large numbers of customers out there.

Performance campaigns: Only pay us for the leads we bring. Define the parameters of your campaign, pay a pre-determined price for leads and we can get your campaign on the road in as little as 48 hours!

Fraud Management: We have a rigorous screening process for publishers that makes sure that only high quality publishers enter our network. We know that other networks may not pay attention to the publishers they accept - but we scrutinize every single one. We know that we're here to bring you great traffic, not anything else, and we do everything with that goal in mind. We watch our traffic carefully to ensure that you are only paying for good leads.

Fees: We do not charge any setup or maintenance fees, and charge a low 15% merchant fee for all leads that go through our system. You'll be hard pressed to find lower rates out there!

Total Customer Service: Our experienced staff will manage all account responsibilities including link management, reporting, banner distribution, payments and customer service for merchants and publishers. Each merchant will work with one staff member for individualized attention to their campaign.


As an advertiser, you can partner with IDzMedia to get your website out to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every day. With hundreds of publishers and our own coterie of sites, IDzMedia can make sure your website and products get the exposure they deserve. We offer CPA (cost-per-action) campaigns that can be tuned to either the sale of a product, a generated lead, or any other defined action you would like.

How do I start?

To start your own campaign, simply let us know of your interest and we can work together to craft a campaign that will work for you. If possible, please complete the application so that we have some contact and other information for you that we'll need at some point to start your campaign. Decide ahead of time what you would want your campaign to be focused on - if you want to be focused on signups, or on purchases of certain items or certain dollar amounts, etc. Since we are CPA, we contract for and only get paid for bringing you customers that fulfill your campaign requirements exactly. Be sure to make your requirements reasonable! Also, decide if you want to allow incentives to be offered to customers to sign up. This kind of marketing generates a lot more new customers then traditional advertising (with no incentives provided) and may be a desirable option for you.

What are your fees like, and how can we pay?

We charge a variable setup fee based on the complexity of your site infrastructure. Since we are currently partnered with Shiftcode, the setup fee for Shiftcode customers is waived. Be sure to put us in contact with the people running your site software, as we must work with them in order to implement the campaign.

We charge a 15% fee for all leads, based on how much you want to pay our publishers. For example, if you want the base rate for leads to be $1, then our fee is $0.15 - making the total cost for one lead $1.15. Before we start a campaign, we require that a certain minimum be paid in advance. Payment can be made by check or wire for US domestic or international advertisers.

What else can IDzMedia help me with?

We have the ability to target for specific countries. if you want US-only traffic, we can bring you that. if you want UK only, or Australian traffic, or all countries - we can manage that all. Simply let us know so that we can establish this in the advertising contract.

What do I need to do?

Click here to download the Insertion Order Agreement.
Click here to download the Insertion Order Form.

Complete the application, and then download those two files. Initial the agreement on all pages, and fill out the form. After ground rules have been established for the campaign, we require that the forms be returned with payment, and that we be provided with a minimum amount of banners to use for the campaign. We require at least one 120x60 banner. It would be advisable to provide us with other banner sizes as well (120x600, 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, etc.) as publishers may have different spatial arrangements that require the right-size ads. While the campaign runs, all you have to do is continue running your site. That's it! We take care of all the hard work.

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