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Monetize your content site by using our Content Unlocker API to "lock" your exclusive content. Once users complete an offer, the content is unlocked and made accessible.

1) Automated Services

We make sure the highest performing offers are placed on the Unlocker, so you don't have to.
We automatically show site visitors only the campaigns allowed for their location.
Place your code and sit back. No constant modification necessary.
Check your stats at any time, and view detailed breakdown by campaign, clicks, page placements and even by unique visitor.

2) Unlimited Customization

Change the look and feel of the Unlocker to match your site, making your visitors feel at home.
Change offer types available to adjust monetization style to your needs.
Change presentation options to turn more visitors into paying customers.
Adapt the Unlocker to all allowable placements you may have. There's no end to how you can use the Unlocker.

3) Extensive Experience

Over 2000+ operational campaigns to draw from.
A strong foundation in reward programs and social media lets us have an acute awareness of what Unlocker publishers need.
Extensive offer testing in and out of Unlocker placements mean we know what works.
Our long history in the industry means we are trusted by advertisers. This means better rates and low chargebacks for you.
Efficient financial management means you get paid on time.

Public Information Sheet on Content Unlocker API
Viewable Demo of Content Unlocker API

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