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Monetize your incentive site traffic by utilizing all the best incentivizable campaigns from all over the globe! Our in-house reporting allows you to fully understand your performance, and ways to optimize your results.

With over 2000+ incentivizable offers and personalized automatization tools for offer insertion and lead postback, we are a full-service network for all incentive affiliates. Our network technology was designed in-house, and is versatile and powerful. We manage thousands of affiliates generating millions of leads, clicks and impressions every month, with full data reporting provided to each publisher in real-time. Our tools allow affiliates to filter and populate their databases with our offer information, and allows automatic reporting of leads to their systems. Additionally, we help affiliates fight fraud with IP filtering and frequent reports. We can work with you to get the offers, banners and rates you need to make your site a success!

Are there any rules regarding incentivized placements?

Incentivized promotion is allowed and encouraged for our roster of incentivized offers, but only in an ethical and legal manner. Affiliates may only place offers approved for their type of incentivization; this is important, as most offers make clear distinctions. To prevent abuse, affiliates must implement automatic and manual anti-fraud measures that will prevent bad customers from accessing offers or returning to the affiliate's site. Additionally, affiliate customer service must uphold ethical tenets in their communications with customers to prevent spread of negative practices. Our fraud department will help address issues, but we need your cooperation. For tips and advice, please talk to us!

What makes an incentivized affiliate?

If your site provides any type of direct or indirect rewards (including cash, gift certificates, debit cards, consumer products, services, sweepstake entries, in-game items, etc.) for participating or purchasing products and services from advertisers, you're an incentivized affiliate. We have several tiers of incentivized channels, and each channel has a different set of offers that allow traffic via that channel.

Cash incentive sites offer direct cash rewards for completing advertiser goals; this category may also include point incentive sites that reward users with points toward cash.
Point incentive sites reward users with points toward specific non-cash items, including gift certificates to nationwide chains, discounts and coupons and other such items.
Referral incentive sites allow users to take home large-ticket prizes by completing a higher-price purchase along with referral of a friend to do the same.
Shopping cashback sites offer a percentage of the sale back to the user as direct cashback. Many big-name retailers offer this directly, and most premium credit cards have specific credit cards or shopping marketplaces that offer these services. That said, publishers of discount and coupon sites, product review bloggers and portals of all types can also profit from what is now a mainstream loyalty marketing offering!
Content Unlocker sites lock down content underneath an overlay and users are required to complete an offer in order to gain access. IDzMedia invented the original Content Unlocker, which is now in widespread use throughout the industry! More information can be found here.
CPA Wall sites include a registration process ending in a "CPA Wall" or list of offers that the user may be additionally interested in. To gain the reward, users must complete registration and complete one of the offers listed on the CPA Wall.
Co-registration sites may not require users to complete a coregistration offer to claim the reward, but they are presented as part of the registraion process nevertheless. Clicking the checkbox automatically submits user-entered information to the checked sites.
Mobile Offer Wall sites allow users on mobile devices to complete a range of mobile-accessible or mobile-optimized offers to get virtual currency (CPI, CPL, CPA, CPV, CPS) that is redeemable within specific mobile apps and games for either in-game/MMO/app items or for player advancement.
Social Media Offer Wall sites allow users on social media networks to complete a range of offers to get virtual currency (CPI, CPL, CPA, CPV, CPS) that is redeemable within specific apps/games on those social media networks.

Newcomers to the incentive scene should design their own or purchase a script that can run customer management solutions with SubID capabilities. Our tools can then work with yours in order to provide automated crediting and insertion services, leaving you time to concentrate on marketing and customer service!

1) Automated Services

Highly accurate tracking, SubID reporting and fully detailed stats.
We automatically redirect visitors clicking on IDzMedia links to campaigns allowed for their location.
Repeat visitors will be directed to other related and similar payout offers.
Check your stats at any time, and view detailed breakdown by campaign, clicks, page placements and even by unique visitor.
Extensive fraud tools, including ban lists, geoIP redirection, pattern analysis, IP/location data filters, phone verification and much, much more. (Ask us if you'd like a quote on data cleaning services for your own databases!)

2) Direct Customer Service

Get campaign recommendations directly from IDzMedia staff.
Work with IDzMedia staff to analyze your traffic and get suggestions on marketing and placement.
Ask for customizable creative, where available.
Ask for the best performing offers by country!
Get competitive payouts. If you find higher payouts anywhere else, let us know!
Ask us for help with API integration; and setup postback and SQL insertion tools to make crediting easier!

3) Extensive Experience

Over 2000+ incentivizable campaigns to draw from.
Global reach to mobile providers, app platforms, advertisers and customers in 85 countries.
Extensive offer testing means that low converting offers are routinely removed and the best campaigns are pushed to our publishers.
Our long history in the industry means we are trusted by advertisers. This means better rates and low chargebacks for you.
Efficient financial management means you get paid on time.

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