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Monetize your social media traffic by utilizing all the best campaigns from all over the globe! Our in-house reporting allows you to fully understand your performance, and ways to optimize your results. Acquire users to your apps via CPI campaigns on both web and mobile Facebook, or monetize users already interacting within your social media app!

We not only offer social media campaigns that can be advertised within Facebook and other worldwide social networks via Newsfeed or within apps/games, but also social media offer wall campaigns that can be used to generate income for you. Users will have the choice to complete a range of offers to earn virtual currency that can be redeemed within your social media app for in-game items or player advancement!sers!

1) Automated Services

Highly accurate tracking and fully detailed stats.
We automatically redirect visitors clicking on ads to campaigns allowed for their location, if different.
Repeat visitors will be directed to other related and similar payout offers.
Check your stats at any time, and view detailed breakdown by campaign, clicks, page placements and even by unique visitor.

2) Direct Customer Service

Get campaign recommendations directly from IDzMedia staff.
Work with IDzMedia staff to analyze your traffic and get suggestions on marketing and placement.
Ask for customizable creative, where available.

3) Extensive Experience

A wide selection of mobile-optimized CPA/CPI offers for all devices and operating systems.
Global reach to mobile providers, app platforms, advertisers and customers in 85 countries.
Extensive offer testing means that low converting offers are routinely removed and the best campaigns are pushed to our publishers.
Our long history in the industry means we are trusted by advertisers. This means better rates and low chargebacks for you.
Efficient financial management means you get paid on time.

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